More About Us

Product Variety:

AST offers the industry's largest selection of styles and sizes in the represented industries.

Flexible manufacturing:

All of our manufacturing processes are completed in-house, which allows us to better control manufacturing schedules. This also includes new tool development with in-house tool design and fabrication. We have the ability to meet or exceed all industry standards.

Market Challenge: 

AST is always looking to meet the demands of changing market trends with the goal of developing and offering the latest in new concepts. This market focused perspective, in turn, enables our customers to provide unique, never before seen concepts to their consumers. 

Organization experience:

We have been manufacturing products using our process technologies and specific manufacturing techniques for over fifteen years. In addition, AST routinely strives to improve our product offerings by assessing our processes and upgrading and/or adding new equipment for better yield. This experience, along with seasoned and committed team members, equipment availability and superior quality control practices, allows us to deliver excellent products and customer service. 

The ast advantage

With a scaleable business model, vertical integration and additional capital, tremendous growth opportunities for AST exist.

  • Integrated Manufacturing: From material engineering and analysis, product design and tool making, through heat treatment, everything is done under one roof.
  • Rotary Forging: Differs substantially from Conventional Hydraulic Forging and is a key part of AST’s technological advantage.
  • Spin Forming & Flowforming:  Another key element of AST’s process technology foundation and technological superiority.
  • High market share: Dominating the U.S. forged wheel aftermarket with an opportunity to expand in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
  • OEM relationships: Building relationships with OEMS to deliver product to the mass market. 
  • Emerging presence in specialty racing segment and European customer tuner market.
  • Superior aluminum liner technology leads to tremendous opportunity in Space/Aerospace markets as well as Hydrogen and CNG Cylinder markets.

WE Have

  • Over 800 forged wheel tooling packages readily available.
  • Over 250 wheel center tooling packages readily available.
  • New tooling lead times of less than 3 weeks.
  • The capability of both closed and open-die forging products. 
  • In-depth knowledge of wheel product design and product development personnel in a variety of niche wheel market segments.
  • Experienced and established teams of tool designers, tool makers, forge and spin programmers and metalworking technicians.
  • The capability of prototyping and delivering near-net shapes quicker than our competition. 

Informational videos

This great educational video from Mechanics Tips on YouTube describes how traditional open and closed-die forging is achieved.