When engineering our products, we take quality seriously. Due to this, we employ the best metallurgists and quality control engineers possible. Here at AST we know that a product's final strength starts with using the highest quality billet materials possible. Maintaining an international network of premium sources for metal which are qualified for applications in the space, aerospace and automotive segments allows us to ensure constant quality no matter the necessary alloy. To supplement supplier quality, our metallurgical team constantly analyzes all materials using a combination of sophisticated in-house resources and independent third-party laboratories. Ensuring our materials have superior mechanical properties is a top priory, keeping AST from offering anything but the best to our customers. Independent analysis also serves customers as assurance of quality and allows AST to provide all of customers with the elaborate qualified data and material traceability for all our products. Further, AST monitors performance-relevant material characteristics, like grain structure and mechanical properties across all our alloys and product groups. Testing for compact, directionally-uniform grain flow ensures the product fits the application. Our metallurgical analysis also plays a crucial role in the definition and execution of our heat treatment. All of our products are heat-treated in our solution furnace and age ovens. Going through the process, all products are normalized, annealed, stress relieved, and solution-aged, tempering the product to a fully hardened T6 condition for maximum strength.


 Rigorous testing is conducted to ensure that material properties meet or exceed Aluminum Association Specifications.