Advanced Structural Technologies Launches Initiative to Expand Operations

Published: May 22, 2018

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Oxnard, Calif. - Advanced Structural Technologies (AST) announced today that the company is further expanding operations to additionally support industries globally, bolster manufacturing jobs in California and to additionally support the Oxnard community. “Expanding our aerospace and space production is a crucial part of the company’s plan for future,” said Senior Project Manager Benjamin Konrad.

Although the company mainly produces high-performance forged-aluminum-alloy wheels, AST manufactures a multitude of different products as well, aiding niche markets where strength and low weight are vital. The components, manufactured locally in Oxnard, travel all over the world. From the most severe environments vehicles travel to on Earth, to the vast reaches far above your head, you can find forged-metal components manufactured by AST.

While the company currently employs upward of 150 individuals, growth is always a priority for AST. “The range of products the company is capable of producing is a step in the right direction. We look to please our investors but also to help our community and the industries we support,” said Konrad. The leadership at AST believes that bringing back manufacturing jobs to California is vital to the state’s future and wants to encourage future generations to seriously think about a job in manufacturing. Finishing his statement, Konrad stated, “Currently we visit college engineering, design and CNC programs to talk to individuals and recruit straight out of college, but we would really like to arrange tours for high school students. We want to show them how the items we manufacture are made and prove to them that this sort of work can lead to a fun and rewarding career. There is a certain level of pride saying that items we’ve created from a log of metal have been gone into space and come back safely.”

However, AST’s community involvement doesn’t stop with a desire to provide manufacturing jobs. The company is also active in community outreach programs, sponsoring The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme, their own adopt-a-family program and recycling initiatives.

With expanding operations, AST hopes to create more manufacturing jobs and continuing forging products the company can proudly say were made in California.

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